Return to raw materials

REVITALON is an initiative to use some of the waste generated at factories, which until now could only be discarded, and turn it into resources. With "RE" and "VITAL" as its origin, we aim to breathe life into waste materials and produce fabrics with new value.

Using Leftover Fabrics and Waste Yarn from Factories as Raw Materials

Thread waste and fabric remnants are inevitably generated in fabric production processes. REVITALON is an initiative to recycle a portion of such waste. The raw materials used are leftover 6-nylon, a waste yarn and synthetic fiber with excellent recyclability, strength, and heat resistance.

Processing Raw Materials and Turning Them into Resources Together with Partner Companies

Fabric and yarn remnants discharged from KAJIF factories are grinded and melted into granular pellets by an outside partner company. The recycled pellets will be utilized in an appropriate manner, taking advantage of the characteristics of the materials.

Spinning and Weaving to Create New Fabrics

We are working on the development of making fiber from the recycled pellets. The spun yarn returns to the KAJIF Factory and is once again turned into fabric. REVITALON fabric made from 6-nylon is transformed into a new nylon material and used in products such as bags and accessories.

REVITALON creates new value
by shining a light on lint and leftover fabrics
that used to be waste,
giving them a role as resources.