We here at KAJIF strive to challenge ourselves and
realize the creation of new value for synthetic fibers here
from Kanazawa, Japan.

Location and History

Kanazawa has long been a major producer of sericulture and silk fabrics. And the production of synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, which were invented as jinkenshi (artificial silk yarn), also developed as industries in this area.

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic fiber is a chemical fiber made mainly from petroleum and other raw materials which was developed as a substitute for silk. It has been evolving through scientific advances and the accumulated wisdom of craftsmen. Synthetic fibers have been widely used in fields that require high functionality, such as for sports and outdoor activities, due to their high maintainability and durability as well as the high expandability of their functions.

The Surrounding Environment

Facing the Sea of Japan, Kanazawa has high precipitation and a humid climate throughout the year, making it an ideal environment for the production of synthetic fibers, for which temperature and humidity control is very important. This is why the region produces the largest amount of synthetic fibers in Japan.

Product Features

The expression of fabric products greatly expands by adding twists to yarns, optimizing the structure and density in weaving and knitting, making fabrics, dyeing them, and post-processing them. We plan and design the entire process from yarn development to weaving, knitting, dyeing, and selection of processing. All our products are manufactured in Japan. We have the ability to create fabrics that only we can create, which we have cultivated through the development of fabrics in various fields.

Creating the Future

Carbon fiber, artificial blood vessels, and other technologies that we hear more and more about today are all based on synthetic fiber technology. Synthetic fibers, which are now evolving along with chemistry, have great potential to create the future that will enrich our lives.

Fabrics created from customer needs.
Fabrics developed from field experiments.
We believe that all of these will lead to the future of synthetic fibers,
and we will endeavor to do our best every day.