The lightest fabric you could imagine.


Using techniques cultivated over many years, we created this fabric with ultimate lightness. Carefully woven with ultra-fine processed yarns that are only one-third the thickness of a human hair.

The fabric that follows every move you make.

Stretch Pleasure

This comfortable stretch fabric was created by combining polyurethane elastic yarns with the best raw and processed yarns. The features are its smooth surface and elegant touch.

Uniquely crisp and sturdy.


In order to achieve strong resilience and toughness, we combined two types of fibers using our unique yarn-processing technology and dyed with a special technique. This is a unique material that overturns the image of conventional synthetic fiber fabrics.

Uncompromising texture tailored from yarn.

Tailored Texture

Tailored Texture® is a fabric with a mélange-like texture created by combining two types of yarns, with moderate elasticity created by crimping microscopic yarns. We developed the yarn from scratch in pursuit of fine-textured fabric.

Just the right fusion of comfort and luxury.


A fusion of KAJIF textiles and breathable, waterproof processing which synthetic fibers excel at. KAJIF's unique fabrics add waterproofing and comfort to a texture that makes you want to touch it.

Cut freely. Wear freely.


A special fabric that does not fray even when left cut.
The world's first woven, non-fraying fabric perfected using patented technology that allows lines to be cut in any way imaginable. Feel free to expand your imagination with our stretch fabric.

Flexible elastic pile with a superfine feel.


A stretch pile with a unique texture created by our original knitting technology.
The 360° stretch that follows the movement of the wearer's body and the superb feel on the skin makes it a one-of-a-kind pile that transcends the concept of conventional piles.