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Fabrics Used:

Stretch Pleasure / RK1743WR

Four-way stretchable fabric using polyurethane elastic yarn. The high-multifilament yarn used for this fabric makes the texture soft and smooth, with flexibility and a pleasant springy feel.

Compaction / KJ9053WR

A knitted fabric with a unique texture by processing nylon. Our special knitting technology made it possible to create a texture with a smooth surface that doesn’t get easily snagged. The stitches are so elaborated and fine, you would not believe it is knitted. The finely knitted, crisp fabric is good enough for overgarments by itself.

About the Brand:

YOAK is a footwear brand based in Tokyo. Their footwears are made to match jackets and dress shirts with a new approach towards a universal design. Their products are made by skilled craftsmen at a shoe factory in Tokyo that has been in business for more than half a century to promise the best quality.