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Fabrics Used:

Superiortech / RK1613LT3

A three-layered texture using a high-multifilament nylon yarn with the characteristic of a softer feel than normal thread. It has a very smooth surface with a tricot fabric for the back surface, giving it a crisp look making it suitable for dressmaking. The twill weaving makes the fabric glossy and elegant.

Superiortech / RK5042LT3

A three-layered fabric using 6-denier multifilament yarn. This world’s lightest, water pressure resistant, breathable fabric can be used for real rain wear such as raincoats.

About the Brand:

Launched in fall of 2017, nunc is focusing on the origin of bags, which have changed shapes to meet each necessity. The brand’s name “nunc” comes from Latin, which means “now”. With our keyword, “necessity”, we have been carrying out a development activity called HYPHENATIONS to manufacture bags for people who require exclusive bags right for each individual depending upon the person’s needs. Our collection line has the details and functions they achieved through these developments.