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Fabrics Used:

Compaction / KJ9053WR

A knitted fabric with a unique texture by processing nylon. Our special knitting technology made it possible to create a texture with a smooth surface that doesn’t get easily snagged. The stitches are so elaborated and fine, you would not believe it’s knitted. The finely knitted, crisp fabric is good enough for overgarments by itself.

Tailored Texture / KJ9080WR

A fabric with just the right amount of crispiness which has been made with high-shrinkage acrylic yarn which has a natural, fluffy feeling. The fabric has a high humidity control function due to Bemberg’s moisture absorption efficiency, and it also releases static electricity due to its water contents, so it is comfortable to wear any time of year. We use Bemberg, a recycled cellulose fiber, to contribute to a sustainable society.

About the Brand:

Harunobu Murata was born in Tokyo. After graduating from Esmod Japon Tokyo branch, he worked as a PR assistant and then moved to Italy. He graduated from Istituto Marangoni and became the first Asian to win the competition held by the Italian Fashion Association. He belongs to the ladies design team of Jil Sander. He worked with the creative directors, Lucie & Luke Meier, from their debut collection in 2015 to the early summer season in 2018. He came back to Japan in August 2018 and launched the luxury women’s clothing brand HARUNOBUMURATA and released his debut collection at the 2019AW Milano Fashion Week.