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Fabrics Used:

Stretch Pleasure / RK1743WR

Four-way stretchable fabric using polyurethane elastic yarn. The high-multifilament yarn used for this fabric makes the texture soft and smooth, with flexibility and a pleasant springy feel.

About the Brand:

Kimura Tatsuya, born on April 22nd, 1977. Graduated from Ueda College of Fashion. Yoshida Sanae, born on December 14th, 1977. Graduated from Ueda College of Fashion. DISCOVERED was launched in 2001, as the designers started creating custom-made clothing for artists such as musicians, DJs, and actors. They released their first runway-styled show at the 2010 SPRING & SUMMER COLLECTION. Their collection features real clothes brimming with reality and originality, with a unique viewpoint from mode-style to street-style. Under the concept “Opposition mix-up”, they aim for a non-genre design by combining completely different styles and designs.