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Fabrics Used:

(Blue) Ultimate Light / RK1454CR

Woven tightly to prevent the down feathers from slipping out of the fabric. The wax coating makes the fabric highly airtight which protects the wearer from wind and water, along with high heat insulation performance to keep you warm.

(Black) Stretch Pleasure / RK1953TC

Two-way stretchable fabric using polyurethane elastic yarn. The features are its soft stretchability and its smooth, soft texture.

(Brown) Superiortech / RK1613LT3

A three-layered texture using a high-multifilament nylon yarn with the characteristic of a softer feel than normal thread. It has a very smooth surface with a tricot fabric for the back surface, giving it a crisp look making it suitable for dressmaking. The twill weaving made the fabric gloss and elegant.

(Green) Cuttable / RK1967WR

The world's first woven fabric that can be freely cut, just like knitted fabric. It’s lighter and crispier than knitted fabric so it can be used for overgarments. It won’t fray no matter how you cut it, so it allows you to create new designs which were previously impossible.

(Charcoal) Compaction / KJ9251WR

A uniquely crisp and sturdy fabric using two kinds of yarns. Our special processing makes the fabric highly dense, making it look unlike a knit fabric. By improving the yarn, the fabric has just the right thickness and texture.

(Gray) Tailored Texture / RK6440BD

Fabric for fall to winter with a heather pattern on the surface bonding knitted fabric on the back. A thick fabric with a smooth texture.

About the Brand:

BELPER’s concept is “IMPUSIVE EMOTION”. The creator aims to produce clothing that represents daily moments of “pushing one’s limits”.